Epiphanie holder

November 14, 2013 | Product Reviews | by: Plugged In Photo

Review: Epiphanie Bags


While at PhotoPlus Expo I had an opportunity to visit with Maile Wilson the owner os Epiphanie Bags.  One of the few companies that not only makes camera bags for men, but also has a specialty line of 12 different bags just for women.  Maile took a few minutes to share a couple of her new bags that have just come out along with one classic that everyone loves.


In this review we covered the Madison and Sidney bags that can work as shoulder bags as well as a backpack that are both great for travel and we also spoke about the original Epiphanie bag which is the Lola.  The Lola bag is more of a purse style bag, that not only holds lots of camera gear, but has the convenience of lots of space to carry personal items as well.


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